• Types of Rollover Accident Causes?
    Car Accidents

    Types of Rollover Accident Causes?

    While the victim or family members of a victim may find that their first instinct is to regretfully search for what they could have done to prevent a rollover accident, some rollover crashes are tied to vehicle defects.

    Such auto flaws may be divided into two separate categories:

    1. Car defects that provoke an accident, injuries or wrongful death and
    2. Defects that fail to protect occupants during a rollover crash.

    Vehicle Safety Equipment Defects: Rollover Accident Causes

    Seatbelts, airbags, roof pillars and glass are just some of the pieces of equipment in a vehicle that are designed with the very purpose of protecting drivers and passengers. In the instance of an accident a vehicles airbags are created to deploy, safeguarding occupants from impacts that can result in serious injuries from rollover accident causes. Airbags that deploy late or deploy when unnecessary can result in serious repercussions and injuries that can be life changing. Similarly, seat belts play an important role in protecting drivers and passengers from injuries provoked by ejection.

    Sometimes to the surprise of victims and those involved in accidents where they could have endured more serious injuries, glass comprising the windshield and windows in a vehicle has an important safety role. As technology progresses, glass has become an increasingly important part of helping prevent vehicle ejection, especially during a rollover crash. While manufacturer standards enforced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has made many vehicles safer for occupants, not all of the data and information emerging with new technology and studies have transpired into all of the windows and glass in a vehicle.

    Additionally, the roof composition and design in a vehicle, especially those which may have a greater risk of overturning, such as SUV’s and pickup trucks, is imperative to safeguarding the vulnerable space between the roof of a vehicle and the neck and head of its occupants. A defective roof or bad roof pillars can leave victims of a rollover accident vulnerable to traumatic brain injuries, serious neck injuries and other long term damage to their upper bodies. Improving standards and testing have begun to make consumers more aware of the importance of reinforced, strong roof pillars. But despite new standards and greater attention to some of the flaws in previous years and models of automobiles, safety advocates highlight how far the auto industry must still progress in order to provide consumers, drivers and passengers with protection that matches the new information and technology that are available to manufacturers, designers and vehicle maintenance companies.

    Too often, hundreds of complaints, injuries and even deaths tied to flaws in vehicles must be reported before a recall take place or is enforced. And while standards and products don’t always meet the safety needs of consumers, drivers and passengers, the new information available, improving technology and influx of data offers no excuse for some of the flaws resulting in serious injuries and deaths of victims involved in a rollover crash.

    Rollover Crash Law Firm in Texas

    What are some of the rollover accident causes? A vehicle may overturn and people may endure injuries and loss for a variety of reasons. While not every accident where a vehicle rolls is caused by a vehicle defect or defective safety equipment, understanding what may have caused such an accident often provides victims with answers that help them progress and move past a life-transforming crash or a fatal accident that left family mourning a loved one. Our Pasadena personal injury attorneys are backed by the expertise of private investigators, right on staff, in addition to registered nurses who immediately begin gathering evidence associated with a rollover car accident of our clients.

    The time sensitive nature of a car accident, where evidence can be wiped clean from roadways and information may become foggy to witnesses and other victims even mere days following a single vehicle accident, make it so important for victims, who believe a vehicle defect may have caused their accident or failed to protect them, to call an experienced car accident attorney immediately. For a free initial case evaluation, call 24/7.

  • Why a Dog Bite Attorney is Essential
    Dog Bites

    Why a Dog Bite Attorney is Essential

    Were you injured in Webster? After you have been bitten by a dog, you have a lot of healing to do. Of course you may have scars that need to be dealt with, but the psychological scars are often worse than the visible ones. Especially in the case of children who have been bitten, they are likely to live the rest of their lives in fear of animals, not to mention the fact that they will have physical scars forever, as well.

    The Importance of Hiring a Dot Bite Attorney

    Many people don’t seek out a Personal Injury Attorney because the dog that bit them belongs to their neighbor or another family member, but in many cases, you would not have been the first person that the dog had bitten, and by bringing about a dog bite case in a court of law, you could put an end to a string of dog bites by this dog.

    When you are bitten by a dog, especially in an area of the body that is visible to others (i.e. the face or arms), there are severe psychological issues that go along with the bite. Not only will you probably be extremely fearful of dogs and any other kind of danger in the future, but you may also shy away from social situations. A dog bite can truly change the course of a person’s life, and if that happens, then they need to be compensated.

    When you are attacked in the face, there are usually substantial amounts of scarring that will have to be dealt with through plastic or cosmetic surgery. But, there are more scars than those which are left on your skin. Many people who have been attacked by dogs, especially as children, suffer lifelong psychological problems that they simply never get over. By meeting with a dog bite attorney, not only can you ensure that you get the financial backing you need to take care of the physical scars, but that you will get the emotional help that you need as well.

    Don’t Delay! Contact a Webster Personal Injury Attorney Today

    After you are bitten by a dog, the first piece of advice that a dog bite lawyer will give you is that you should not speak to any insurance agency or other party, regardless of their intentions. They may be offering you a settlement, but that settlement may not be in your best interest. Make sure you talk to a Personal Injury Attorney in Webster first, and they will give you the proper recommendations to protect your rights.

    When you are recovering from any kind of injury, the last thing you need to be dealing with is insurance companies and medical bills, so by hiring a dog bite law firm to represent you, you can make sure that there is someone else there to take care of that for you. Then, all you have to do is worry about healing from your dog bite incident, mentally, psychologically, and physically.